About The Calibre Concreters

Calibre Concrete Contractors

Our concreters are qualified, insured and comply with all Australian standards. We have worked on thousands of properties working with residents, business owners, government, contractors, architectural designers and more to produce the required outcome within the budget allocated.

Our contractors have worked on hundreds of properties with residents, owners, other contractors, and architects to produce results that will meet the budget. But one thing is for sure, safety is of our utmost priority. Our tradesmen have high quality assurance checks and are confident in their work.

We create your envisionment, producing beautiful new masterpieces, refurbishing, or totally replacing and have the skill sets to hardscape and softscape if needed. Be assured that our concrete contractors can complete a diverse array of tasks from simple repairs or ramps or steps to stunning driveways or outdoor living spaces for your guests to be impressed with.

The Calibre Concreters

We are the Calibre Concreters. Let us know what you need done, and we can assess, design and concrete to your requirements. With our expertise and knowledge of concrete solutions, it has allowed us to provide exceptional service and product outcome to our clients, whether existing or new. So, if you require help in Canberra region, give us a call.


The Concrete Experts

We turn your vision into reality. Producing beautiful new masterpieces by creating, refurbishing or replacing the old. You & your guests will truly be impressed with the final result.